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Education Documents

Here  find our  schools  insect education document with lots of suggestions for lessons, discussions, activities, games and planting. The purpose of this document is to give you some ideas of games and lessons we could bring to a primary or secondary school, along with a planting for insects project or just as a free standing lesson.


If you like the idea of inviting us into your school then we would discuss what  you wold like for which age groups and how we will fund it. Meanwhile we would be honoured if you use anything from this document in your school and also would  very happy to develop any detail of special interest  Click this big green link to open the PDF

     Insect education ideas projects for schools


Below please find some of our touring insect information pop ups. These are updated as new science becomes available. They have been checked by leading scientists and any residual errors can be corrected see below send an email. 

alan turn off the light2.jpg
Fbbulous FLIES POP UP.jpg
high flying migrants_edited.jpg
wasp pop up.jpg
Flowers for Pollinators small.jpg
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