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We are delighted to announce that Newcastle City Council Arthurs Hill Ward, and Wingrove Ward, and Greening Wingrove  are supporting the costs of ABC24 events this sun 9th June  2024 Bravo the TOON


The lovely Sharinita our new Coms person for has made this special              quiz for Earth day


We are delighted to announce that Newcastle City Council Monument Ward has allocated tremendous support towards the costs of events this June 2024 Bravo the TOON

Grant support towards the ABC24 festival 

With enormous gratitude we have received support from the Hadrian Trust a wonderful charity that supports projects in Tyne and Wear. This is our first grant specifically allocated towards this years events. Bravo

Hadrian trust.jpg

 This is news because the following research shows that more support needs  to go into the area we are working in. Good solid research demonstrates the efficacy of  many small efforts urban insect conservation.  Bravo University of Melbourne


We have started  to collect fabulous donated art works for the fund raising art auction go to galleries and watch that space as these beautiful art works accumulate in an online art exhibition

Newsflash   we now have Four amazing new Board members, professor Seirian Sumner Roe Baker, Mark Thurston, and Emma Johnson who will bring new skills and commitment.  Watch The Team space as we post up their tremendous CVs.


Sadly we have lost Richard Broderick our Chair who we thank for several years of tremendous support. We have also lost Nancy Doyle from the board. They have both been loyal supporters since the very beginning and continue to support us as very special talented volunteers.


Nancy Doyle is helping us with fund raising. We are very excited and grateful to announce that she has chosen PASA for funding by Virgin to help pay our overheads of  this website and book-keeping. We are now in receipt of this vital support from Virgin money. This is is vital prime the pump funding and so helpful and encouraging, at this early stage of our development.


Richard  Broderick has donated three fine pieces of garden ceramics for our art auction planned for the  spring (details  pending).


This auction creates an opportunity for artists to help PASA  by donating a work of art to help fund a stand against the insect crisis through education and environmental action.  We have also been donated a poster by David Tremlett  which is very exciting and it will have a tremendous ceramic  section. Early days but we are already confident that that it is a good idea and will soon have an exhibition of artworks on this website. 


What exactly does net zero mean? This blog, by the BES Climate Change SIG, sets out the important interactions between biodiversity and climate change and unpacks the slippery concept of net zero

Chris Patton on Springwatch tells it like it is. This is news about the news you are not getting.


Grant support towards the ABC23 festival 


Raising support for Planet saving activities is very hard work, because there are so many immediate issues and people in poverty and ill health. This means that looking after the future for our kids can easily be sidelined. 

Today on Fri 5th May I was informed of £1000 of support from the James Knott Foundation. BRAVO. This is a crucial grant HUGE THANKS

ALSO big thanks to

  • Newcastle City Council donation of £500 for work in schools in the west end

  • The Greening Wingrove allocation £200 for the events in the Bicycle garden on the 11th June

  • The Summerhill trust donation of the site hire cost

  • The City library fully funding the Green Central library festival day on Wed the 31st May

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