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Scientists of The biodiversity crisis

Dave Goulson's book tells it like it is. Insects are the lynchpin of biodiversity. We have lost 60% of our insects and cannot live on this planet without them. There is a lot we can do about that. Dave's massively readable style is known to many. This is a well written horror story, and we have to write the happy ending ourselves.


We live in the most biodiversity depleted country in Europe and one of the worst for biodiversity in the world. We need to face up to this and start fixing it. The information in Dave's book is not just for fun or academic discussion it is a call to action. It contains many useful suggestions. Reading this book is a very good start to becoming informed to help us rescue the UK for ourselves our children and grand children.

Wasps have been stigmatised and persecuted since the dawn of humankind, but we need them badly. Professor Seirian Sumner is an expert in eusocial wasps  and teaches us to value and respect them. See new internationalist 

Endless forms is  a brilliant, entertaining, and a great introduction to the many services that wasps perform for us. There are so many fabulous varieties and as well as being important pollinators  they are crucial ecosystem regulators which offers hope in an epoch when we are fast recognising that pesticides and fertilisers  have to be drastically reduced.

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