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Asbestos and gardening
                      Thanks to Jacob Bryant
As I'm sure you know, asbestos is a dangerous mineral that was extensively used in just about everything from building construction to children's toys up until several decades ago. There are many products that still contain asbestos today. Knowing which products can contain asbestos and the time periods of when they were used is important for everyone's health and safety. That's why we made an asbestos products guide. Check it out:
Asbestos Products -

This is a more general link, one of the most comprehensive online resources on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure.

Asbestos poses a risk to personal health and the environment, including wildlife, plants, animals, and surrounding communities. It can still be found in older buildings and products, and if improperly disposed of, can release dangerous fibers into the air and water, causing ongoing exposure. Natural disasters can also play a part in distributing particles to neighboring lands and bodies of water.


Asbestos in Soil and Water | Exposure Risks (

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