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Details of our events and beneficiaries can be found here in this report on activities in 2023, when we citizen planted  2087 flowers for pollinators, created three new pollinator strips in the Central library, The Bike Garden and Summerhill Park with 1297 participants and 927 volunteer half days, and featured 19 artists.

This virtual gallery is where we are collecting sensational images of kindly donated art works by well established artists, like Patrick Hayman John Kingerlee and Lizzy Rowe and also by new relatively less known artists. These are to be auctioned to raise funds for the PASA charity's work organising festive and educational  citizen planting of insect friendly flowers across the city of Newcastle. You can bid  at any time for these art works. Email with your bid for any of these artworks quoting the artist and name of the artwork. The final auction will be in late spring/summer 2024 after an exhibition in a gallery or public space. If an offer is received that is above the  baseline donation it may be  accepted and reserved before the final auction. The work will still appear in the exhibition before delivery to the donor.

                                                 ITEM 1  ceramic

Richard Broderick sculptor

                                              3 organic forms Garden Ceramics


                                                 ITEM 2  Heads Sculpture

Graham Robinson  sculptor

=   blurb. “I make these heads because I love doing them. I’m sure there may be some deep psychological reason, but if there is, I don't want to know what it is" 

graham robinson.jpg


Patrick Hayman 1915–1988


sussanna and the elder.jpg

'Susanna and the Elders' (oil painting) minimum donation £1000

Lionel Miskin Artist

Lionel Miskin (1924 2006 )Falmouth Exhibition Brochure   


This is the web site built for Lionel by his son John where you can find out more about him.

Like most artists Lionel spent an enormous amount of time appreciating nature. He also produced a lot of art related to the environmental crisis. Here are a few pastels and ceramics of general appeal. He would have appreciated the PASA effort to put art to work for the environment.

la croissette.jpg
woman reading.jpg
croissete 2.jpg
encephalic man.jpg

Encephalic man Ceramic 

David Tremlett Artist

David Tremlett works extensively in Italy. This is a limited print from 2006 entitled `Butera Ceiling`. It presents an early idea for a palace in Palermo named  Butero where he has made several ceilings. The link below will take you to more information about the artist and his approach.



David Tremlett Catalogue FINAL low res (1).pdf(Review) - Adobe cloud storage

Dave Tremlett Butera Ceiling.jpg

Judy Seymore


Now and Then by Judy Seymore minimum donation £500

I made this painting in response to the 2024 Woodhorn Open Exhibition competition brief. The theme selected by Woodhorn was ‘Northumberland Now’. We were also reminded that this year is the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Ashington Group, whose artists are known as ‘The Pitmen Painters’ and whose collected works are held by Woodhorn Museum. Emotionally, I needed my painting to merge with my climate and environmental activism and I also wanted to pay homage to the Pitmen Painters. I chose two of their paintings that had a special meaning for me – the men setting off to the colliery at break of day – would they return safely? The wind turbines loom in the distance - will we find a solution to our hunger for energy?  Will we come safely home?

The painting is a combination of acrylic and collage. I have a huge collection of bits of photoshopped images taken from paintings I’ve abandoned and it pleased me to re-cycle some of them in making a new painting on this theme. Just as it pleases me greatly for the painting to be in this auction and hopefully contribute to the ongoing work of Planet Action.

Judy Seymour Feb. 2024


This is Gordon's mandala website link Naturemandala 


Ashley Bayston arrived in Newcastle shortly before Covid. Locked down with only an inspiring view of the river and an off-piste racing pigeon for company, she started drawing again after 20 years.

In 2022 she illustrated a book author Michael Chaplin wrote to raise money for the West End Foodbank. Drawings from the book were exhibited  at City Library, Newcastle , from September 2023-January 2024 and these  pictures were included. 

happinessunframed .jpg

Be Happy     Pen and ink. Framed. 32.5cm x 45cm. minimum donation £100

pidgeon collage.jpg

A Pantheon of Pigeons A montage of pen-and-ink drawings. Framed. 71cm x 30cm. reserve donation £150.


Ashley is a retired barrister and Founder and Chair of the Trustees of the Lewy Body Society, the only charity in the UK dedicated exclusively to Lewy body dementia.  She is also the founder of Lewy Body International, a global network of Lewy body organisations.


You can see more of her artwork @LewyLady on X and Instagram.

Blast Beach.JPG
Blast Beach,
Seaham. Oil On Canvas Board, 11 x 14 inches 2021

I work in many painting mediums with the landscape as a thread which has run through my work since my student days at Sunderland in the 1980s.  I am drawn to many aspects of the landscape but the sublime beauty of the sea is a familiar subject I often return to, perhaps making a connection with my childhood where home was a fishing village on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland. 

Working directly from the subject where possible creates an energy, dynamism and spontaneity in an ever-changing environment.

I’ve become accustomed to interruptions from curious onlookers enabling me to connect with people who happily share stories of their relationship with my subject.  I currently live and work in Co Durham.


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