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Bibliography of literature with an emphasis on the biodiversity crisis

Books alphabetized by Christian name

(Please note. Books in bold are must-reads for anyone interested in the diagnosis of the planetary sickness humans have created and how we may be able to save our home and ourselves and all the other creatures

that live here with us)

Akira Miyawaki The healing power of forests*****

Aldo leopold A Sand Country Almanac

Anne Sverdrup Thygeson Extraordinary Insects

Beth Gardiner Choked; the Age of air pollution and the fight for a cleaner future

Charles Darwin The Origin of Species ****

Christiana Figueres Tom Rivety-Carnac The future we choose surviving the climate crisis

Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow

Dara McAnulty a diary of a young naturalist

Dave Goulson A sting in the tail my Adventures with Bumble bees***

Dave Goulson Silent earth Averting the Insect Apocalypse*****

Dave Goulson The garden Jungle***

David Attenborough A life on our planet**

David Goulson Bee quest *****

David Wallace Wells The Uninhabitable Earth- a story of the future***

Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine Last Chance to see

Ed Yong An Immense World *****

Elizabeth Kolbert Field notes from a Catastrophe *****

Elizabeth Kolbert The Sixth Extinction- an unnatural history

Erica McAlister The inside Out of Flies****

Erica McAlister The secret life of flies****

Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes by Conway, Erik M., Oreskes, Naomi Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to  Global Warming *****

Extinction Rebellion This is not a drill

Franz de Waal Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are? ***

Friends of the earth and C40 cities  Why women will save the earth

George Marshal  Why are our Brains are wired to ignore climate change *****

George Monbiot Feral *****

George Monbiot Out of the Wreckage *****

George Monbiot Regenesis  *****

Greta Thunberg No one is too small to make a difference ***

Hannah lewis Mini Forest Revolution *****

Isabella Tree Wilding **

Jackie Higgens Sentient what animals reveal about our senses ***

James Christopher Haney Woody's last laugh How the “Extinct” Ivory billed wood pecker fools us into making 53 thinking errors **

Jay Griffiths Why rebel **

Jonathon Saran Foer We are the weather saving the Planet at breakfast

Mathew Evans Soil:  the incredible story of what keeps the earth and us healthy

Mathew Oates His Imperial majesty a Natural history of The purple Emperor

Merlin Sheldrake Entangled life *****

Michael L. Cain, William D. Bowman, Sally D. Hacker Ecology

Naomi Klein This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate**

Nick Lane Power Sex and Suicide ...Mitochondria and the meaning of life****

Nick lane Oxygen... the molecule that made the world****

Nick Lane Life... ascending the great inventions of evolution ****

Nick Owens The bumblebee book : a guide to Britain and Irelands Bumble bees

Oliver Milman The insect crisis  The fall of the Tiny Empires that run the world*****

Peter A Thomas Trees ***

Peter Godfrey-Smith Metazoa, animal minds and the birth of consciousness. ****

Peter Godfrey-Smith, Peter Noble, et al Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life***

Peter Wohlleben The hidden life of trees *****

Richard Mabey The Cabaret of Plants ****

Rachel Carson Silent Spring *****

Robin Wall Kimmerer Braiding sweet Grass *****

Ross piper How to read an insect

Seirian Sumner Endless Forms the secret world of wasps***

Stefano Mancuso The Nation of Plants *****

Stephen Jay Gould Wonderful life

Thomas D Seeley The lives of Bees the untold story of the honey bee in the wild***** ( my honey bee bible)

Thomas Halliday A world in the making

Thomas Eisner For love of insects**

Timothy C Winegard The mosquito

Vicki Hird Rebugging the Planet

Dave Gouldon Silent Earth Averting the insect Apocalypse.jpg

Insects: resources for children / schools




The Insects that Run our World: The Pollinators

By Sarah Ridley

Hachette Children’s Group, 2021

£7.99 Paperback

Ages 6+


The Insects that Run our World: The Decomposers

By Sarah Ridley

Hachette Children’s Group, 2021

£7.99 Paperback

Ages 6+


The Insects that Run our World: The Predators and the Prey

By Sarah Ridley

Hachette Children’s Group, 2022

£7.99 Paperback

Ages 6+


The Insects that Run our World: The Helpers and the Pests

By Sarah Ridley

Hachette Children’s Group, 2022

£7.99 Paperback

Ages 6+


Bugs Save the World

Written by Buglife (the Invertebrate ConservationTrust), illustrated by Qu Lan

Hachette Children’s Group, 2023

£9.99 Paperback

Ages 7+





Wildlife Wonders: Why do insects have six legs?

By Pat Jacobs

Hachette Children’s Group, 2015

£8.99 Paperback

Ages 9-12


Citizen Scientist: Studying Insects

By Izzi Howell

Hachette Children’s Group, 2020

£8.99 Paperback

Key Stage 2: 9+


A Bug’s World

By Erica McAllister, illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Hachette Children’s Group,

£16.99 Hardback, 2022

£9.99 Paperback, 2024

Ages 9-12


British Butterflies, A Photographic Guide

Victoria Munson

Wayland 2020

£6.99 Paperback


British Insects, A Photographic Guide

Victoria Munson

Wayland 2015

£7.99 Paperback

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