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Planet Action Street Arts
CIO Charity number 1198746

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  • is to use the power of art to help save an inhabitable world for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and future generations.


  • is a world of motivated people actively collaborating and implementing artistic, personal and societal activities to rejuvenate nature.


  • Integrity* Inspiration* Optimism * Activism *  Diversity * Collectivism* Climate Justice* Peer reviewed science


  • is to organize open air art/ecology events and create a community of eco aware commitment.


  • to support the combination of open air arts with eco science 

The objects of the CIO are

(1) To promote the arts for the public benefit by the promotion in particular, but not exclusively, of the visual and performing arts.

(2) To promote the protection of the physical and natural environment through the provision of informal education, awareness-raising activities and community based environmental projects.

              Constitution link

 What we do, who we are, and how to join us.

Have a peep below at this years recently completed Art and Biodiversity Celebration documentary. It is only 4 mins long

It is great to see city dwellers helping their city become a Noah's arc for insects, a crucible of environmental improvement and planetary rescue..

Thanks for crucial support from The James Knott Trust, The Monument ward of Newcastle city Council, The Greening Libraries fund, The Natural History society of Northumbria and The Virgin Money charity

The Wildlife trust, Greening Wingrove, The Summerhill trust, and for brilliant volunteers participants and artists. More details on the events page.

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Art, Games, Science, and Community can save our world

At Planet Action Street Arts, we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to develop a world with a future. With an array of events and activities and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at saving the world for our children and grandchildren. Read on and contact us to learn how you can become part of the change. Here are three souvenir videos of Art and Biodiversity Celebration ABC FEST 22. the INSECTIBITION    The Festival goes planting   and Festival insect fun and games    in Summerhill Pavilion and Gardens and Summerhill park . This link will take you to the  festival Highlights    This the first edition of ABC was supported by financial and logistical help with our insect superhero  program from the NHSN and collaborative help with our planting preparations  from Urban Green 


                                      STOP THE FESTIVAL AND PLANT

 In the now completed National Art and Biodiversity Celebration ABC FEST 22. we took some time out from the main festival for a planting in Summerhill park .  Please see the video below to see the festival community in action planting 800 pollinator plants in 90 minutes creating a new insect garden at speed, with music by Veryan Weston. This is how we create optimistic environmental action to help create the urban conservation zone, and save insects in cities.

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What We Do

PASA's mission is to use the power of art to help save an inhabitable world for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and future generations

Promoting biodiversity

Look after insects and they will look after you,

One of our main causes in 2022 at Planet Action Street Arts is promoting urban biodiversity. We promote  awareness of nature and the needs of the creatures we rely on to make our soil, clean our water and  pollinate our crops. Learning about nature and is  enjoyable and  therapeutic especially when people find the climate crisis depressing.
The Arts Council of England lottery fund and the Royal Entomological Society and the Natural History Society of Northumbria have supported  Urban Oasis a project by Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International  to present the insect issue with street art, games and planting pollinator friendly flowers. See how you can help by subscribing and  contacting us.

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Inspiring Street Art

Fair opportunities for participation

Our street art projects will be advised by a panel of experts to make sure that we create Great Arts that is free and accessible  and excludes no-one. We encourage all artists that align with our objectives to contact us and we will help promote their work  in the artists page on this website and in events.


An  important concept for planet action street arts

is that we are not just about Art and Science, but our events must contain actual actions for the environment.


Maysie teaches pollinator flower planting

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Children get the magic of planting

hannah flower bombing.jpg

Hannah drops a wildflower bomb


We are  busy planning and fundraising for

ABC 23

Newcastle Art and Biodiversity Celebration 

Wed 31st May 11.00 am-4.00 pm 2023 Festiva,l and Mass planting Central Library Princess Square

Fri 9th June 7 pm  Wasp Talk Professor Seirian Sumner Curtis Auditorium Newcastle University

Sat 10th June11.00 am-4.00 pm Festival and Mass planting Summerhill Pavilion and gardens and Summerhill Park

Sun 11th June 11.00 am-4.00 pm Festival and Mass planting The Bicycle Garden Nunsmoor Park 

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