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I hope everyone who uses this group will shamelessly present their talents, interests, knowledge, worries fears and needs in relation to the encroaching climate and biodiversity crisis.

What do you think is the most important dimension of activity. What do you think we can do and what impact will it or could it have.

At first glance the power to change the world lies mainly with the wealthy and the politically powerful, so recruiting these people could be useful. But I also believe that everyday people are the key, because, in democracies, politicians seek power by jumping on band wagons and popular causes. In my opinion it is our job to try and create and develop these popular causes in support of the environment.

Governments largely fail to provide the real education that is now so needed. Schools present the mental befuddlement of religion and biased history. Children are not really taught critical thinking. That means we have to educate ourselves. So I am hoping this group will help with this process and we can educate each other.

I entitled this post Urban Oasis because my current cause is creating urban conservation for insects. This is a cause that already has much support but until insecticides are banned in towns and the urban potential for insect habitat is fully realized there is still a lot to do.

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