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Join date: May 18, 2021


We are trying to create an optimistic and effective Planet saving community through art, science, games, and environmental action.

I am 74 and this mission and site is for my children and grand children. There are so many parts to the environmental struggle. Not everyone can do everything. But together anything is possible. At the moment our main focus is saving insects and transforming cities into biodiversity conservation zones.

The city can be a kind of Noahs arc for insects until the country side is detoxed and the mega prop p, decamba neonicotinoids etc and all the other cocktail of agricultural poison have been removed. Then, in our optimistic vision these little but so important creatures can reoccupy the land and get back to looking after us as they have done for thousands of years.

Here are a few video links.

The Press and a succinct explanation of the project atlas of the future insectopolis

The project PDF URBAN OASIS google drive DownLoad

A two minute video promo URBAN OASIS 2mins

ABC22 festival highlights

Here are a few links. from the recent ABC22 festival

The ABC22 Art and Biodiversity Celebration Planting the start of a Floraissance


Open air ABC22 insect Festival Fun

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Paul Miskin

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